Clarion Bird Eye Vision

Clarion, the global manufacturer of in-vehicle mobile audio and visual systems, has announced full details of its latest generation commercial vehicle video camera and monitor system, aimed at eliminating blind spots for greater safety margins on the move, particularly in congested spaces and when parking.

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The company’s long heritage in CV vision systems – through the development and manufacture of on-board cameras, monitors and processing technologies – comes together with the launch of Clarion SurroundEye.

Providing a higher level of peripheral vision than previously achievable, the system features enhanced image processing and surveillance, delivering a switchable bird’s-eye view of the perimeter of the vehicle using four ultra wide-angle (160 degree) CMOS cameras specifically developed for the system.

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Once the cameras are located on the front, rear and sides of the vehicle, the system is set up quickly and efficiently using an integral calibration software and interface module. A range of camera cabling, including a trailer ‘break point’ to camera cable, allows flexibility of usage for different vehicle lengths, and SurroundEye is particularly well suited to rigid commercials up to 10m in length, plus bus and coach applications.

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The high-definition digital images are fed through Clarion’s well-establishedimage processing technology and displayed on the cab-mounted colour monitor.  The split screen simultaneously displays an intuitive, birds-eye view of the vehicle and a wide angle view of what is behind. Camera views can be instantly switchable from the default view by the driver, according to specific driving/traffic conditions and manoeuvres.

Significantly, by using digital ECU processing, image clarity and detail are enhanced by up to 300% over previous systems, contributing further to the user benefits offered by this product.

SurroundEye is the latest showcase of a wide range of Clarion wired and wireless CV vision systems designed for particular applications and budgets. All are available from the official Clarion UK store,, and via the appointed dealer network.