Fiat Panda Cross revealed

Orders for the refreshed 2017 Fiat Panda Cross are kicking off, with an updated offer as always in tune with the characteristics that have made it successful and that are the cornerstones of the Fiat functional family: personality, practicality and simplicity. Ever since it was first introduced, Fiat Panda has stood out for its unmistakable personality and characteristic agreeability developed to emphasise three different expressions of the model: city car, 4×4 and Cross.

These temperaments are united by functionality and simplicity: very compact exterior dimensions, interior space exploited to the max and configurable to all transport needs, a wide choice of engines and interior and exterior colour combinations able to meet every requirement. Finally, the simple offer is complemented by the new UconnectTMinfotainment system, the specific Panda Uconnect app and the active safety contents. For specific details and prices, visit the local press sites.

It is still the same size: 365 centimetres long, 164 centimetres wide and 155 centimetres high. New features are the two fresh body colours and the two novel rim patterns. The two contemporary liveries perfectly reassert the different expressions of Fiat Panda Cross. The pastel Amore Red emphasises the dynamic nature of the city car, and the metallic Colosseo Grey, with its modern technical undertones, highlights the all-rounder mood of the city-SUV range.

The hub cap design on the 14″ steel rims, which are standard on the Easy trim level, confers dynamism and robustness, while the one-of-a-kind 15″ alloy rims combine elegance and character. They are available with silver finish, optional on Easy and Lounge, and burnished finish, which is standard on the 4×4 trim level.

New Panda interiors. The steering wheel is pleasant to the touch and enhances ergonomics by adopting a modern double central spoke available in two finishes, silver or titanium, matched with the dashboard and seat upholstery. Making their début on the Pop and Easy trim levels are silver details on the central spoke. The Easy version offers, on request, radio controls and leather upholstery, which are instead standard on the Lounge version. The 4×4 comes with leather upholstery steering wheel, radio controls and titanium finish, which becomes silver on the Cross.

The graphics of the instrument panel have also been renovated to improve the overall readability thanks to a more modern design. The seat fabrics are entirely refreshed with new graphics and colours for all trim levels. The new colour combinations and the fabric weave are embellished with contrasting stitching. The Easy and Lounge versions have geometric elements which confer a style which is current and elegant at the same time. The interiors of the Panda 4×4 are enriched with shot fabric in the middle part to convey an idea of sophistication and robustness at the same time.


Finally, Fiat Panda Cross is confirmed as one of the most welcoming and functional cars in its category. With its five doors and large opening angles, it can comfortably accommodate up to five people and has the roomiest boot in its segment: 225 litres that turn into 870 litres when the rear seat backrest is folded down.

Fiat Panda then offers maximum freedom of use with its space modularity, several storage compartments and different front and rear seat configurations. The engine line-up, all Euro 6, meets every conceivable need. Available: 69 HP 1.2-litre petrol engines, also in the dual petrol and LPG fuel option; the twin-cylinder 0.9-litre TwinAir petrol engine in three different power levels – 65, 85 and 90 HP; the 80 HP petrol and methane version; and the 95 HP Multijet turbo diesel engine.

The 2017 Fiat Panda Cross has complete equipment. The Easy trim level comes with radio and manual climate control system as standard equipment. Standard equipment on the Lounge, 4×4 and Cross versions includes the new UconnectTM infotainment system with smartphone support and the dedicated “Panda Uconnect” app for Android and iOS. The Uconnect radio includes Bluetooth 2.1, audio streaming, USB data located in the glove compartment, voice recognition system, recharging port with USB port (located on the dashboard), AUX port (located in the glove compartment), MP3, “Panda Uconnect” interface via Bluetooth.

With this innovative application, your telephone can be used as an extension of the car, interacting directly with the device display to access all infotainment functions: switching radio stations, selecting playlists, adjusting the volume, managing calls and texts, checking your diary or the weather in real time. The app can also be used to access external web streaming services, such as Deezer or TuneIn. In addition, there are services like Find myCar, which helps to remember where the car is parked, eco:Drive, which supports drivers with advice for a more environmentally friendly driving style, Find Workshop to find the closest Fiat workshop, and my:Car to keep all main car parameters in check, such as scheduled servicing and the main items in the Owner Handbook, as well as direct calls to the Roadside Assistance services or Fiat customer care.

Finally, there is one-touch access via dedicated shortcut to the preferred smartphone sat nav application, such as Google Maps or Waze. The Fiat Panda Cross Uconnect interface is designed to be able to use the smartphone in the car so as to limit distractions and allow the driver to focus on the road while using its many functions. Most functions can only be used only when the smartphone is paired to the car via Bluetooth.