Rolls Royce Vision is the grand vision of the future

At a ceremony in London, Rolls Royce has revealed their visionary concept of an autonomous Luxury car of the future. The concept car is called “Vision next 100 (years)” or “103 EX”. With its design it doesn’t fall in line with the current style that Vehicle manufacturers like to use. For example, where in classic Rolls Royce models you would expect a big 12 cylinder engine, you get a luggage compartment because Rolls Royce Vision is all electric.

Being 5,9 meters long and 1,6 meters high, Rolls Royce Vision flaunts its luxury and announces the importance of the person inside. The glass roof provides the occupants privacy while allowing them to see the majesty of the stars while peacefully gliding through the night. The “Vision” mixes together Luxury with a futuristic design, almost like something you would see in a movie. Of course as you would expect, the car was missing details both in the interior and on the exterior, but this is common practice for an early concept.


The “Host” in the car will be Elinor, a female voice that got its name from the famous actress Eleanor Thornton, the woman that inspired the famous figure of the exotic Rolls Royce hood ornament. Some of the guest at the presentation called the Vision “the ugliest car they have ever seen”. But the team that designed the car didn’t take that criticism into consideration, as they are sure that this is the kind of car that the Rich will want.

If it makes it to the production lines, Rolls Royce Vision will be made out of only the finest materials in all parts of the car. It is planned that a car like this and others like it, find their way onto the Road by 2040, and the Skeptics only have one question: By then, will we have perfectly flat roads without any holes so that these cars could even move.