Jaguar XF – Sport Springs for the upper-middle-class cat

From the factory, the second generation of the Jaguar XF looks pretty good. This is combined with modern technology and a sporty and agile driving behavior. But the certain something seems to have missed the British limousine – my at least the chassis professionals of H & R. For this reason the tuner now sharpened a bit with a 180 hp Jaguar XF 20d R-Sport.

Lowering and better driving dynamics
Custom-made sports springs now bring the raptor to the brim: With the upgrade from H & R, which is designed for the combination with the original sports suspension and the serial dampers, the XF is lowered front 35 and rear 25 millimeters lower. The Jag of the upper middle class is not only to be more dynamic, the lowering of the center of gravity and the typical spring characteristic of the H & R give the car more driving dynamics. This can be recognized by a precise deflection behavior and a reduced tendency to roll. Cost point 372 euros.

Track extensions in three sizes
Your XF is still not athletic enough for you? For this case, H & R also has various “Trak +” track extensions in the program. The wheels can be turned 30, 36 or even 40 millimeters outwards in the direction of the wheel house edge per axle. The widenings available in silver and black are available from 120 euros per axle.