Lamborghini inspired speaker system

Leading luxury dealer group H.R. Owen is displaying the €20,000 iXOOST ESAVOX speaker system for the very first time at its Lamborghini London showroom in the run-up to Christmas. Inspired by Lamborghini and two years in the making, ESAVOX embraces the Lamborghini brand like no other gadget on the market. The 53kg system boasts a very striking design, with hexagonal speakers, four original Lamborghini exhaust pipes and a familiar Automobili Lamborghini logo. Plus, it features a carbon-fibre chassis and shock absorbers to add to its automotive similarities. Like the road cars, the ESAVOX is also powered to the max, with an incredible 800 Watt output, and while it may not be able to compete with the symphony created by a V12 at high revs, you can be assured that it will please any audiophile.