Winter and car battery: Not a good combination

Do you know that? In the garage the old paper is still piling up from the Christmas gifts and the car has to park again under the lantern on the street? Then you probably know the problem with winter temperatures, coldstarts, empty batteries and all the trouble, which then accumulates. We have a few tips for you how to get the best out of your car battery in winter.

Effortful process
The problem is as follows: Due to the low outside temperatures, lubricants such as the engine oil are even more viscous than usual. Therefore, the starter must also expend more force to start the engine. Cold temperatures also make the battery as the cold slows down the chemical processes inside the batteries. If the Autobatterie is now no longer the newest and loses power, problems at the start are preprogrammed. But what to do?

Consumer? Out!
It is particularly important to switch off beloved consumers such as seat heating, air conditioning, heated rear window and headlights in winter, until the engine is running. The luxury consumers strain the battery to the highest degree and take up a lot of power, which is then missing when the engine is started. Short circuit travel also has a particularly negative effect on the service life of the car battery. If this does not have enough time to recharge after the start-up procedure, the battery gradually decreases to a critical level. Therefore, for example, the heated rear window, the air conditioning system or the seat heating system should be switched off or shut down as soon as the visibility is clear and a pleasant temperature is reached.

Battery Check
Also, you should develop a feeling for whether the car battery has problems starting the car even at milder outside temperatures. Then there is probably a bigger problem in winter. On the other hand, the battery can be attached to a charger. If the batteries are too old or deep, only an exchange will help. Weak batteries can be tested in the workshop.

Use starting aid correctly
If, however, one should get rid of all the kinks and leave the car battery in the rain or even in the snow, the day can be saved with a start-up aid. Important: Do not confuse the plus and minus poles. First, the two positive poles are connected to the red cable before the negative pole of the power supply is clamped with the black cable to the engine block of the emergency vehicle. Then the donor starts the engine and then the engine of the low-energy car can be allowed. Finally the cables have to be removed: first the black, then the red one. To recharge the battery, a longer ride of at least half an hour is recommended. Come well through the winter!