GAC Motor revealed three models in Detroit Motor Show

GAC Motor, the only Chinese car manufacturer in Detroit in 2017, is presenting three new vehicles there.

Medium class SUV GS7
Let’s start with the GAC GS7, a mid-class SUV with 2.70 meters of wheelbase and 4.70 meters in length. With this measure, the GS7 will automatically become the Audi Q5 and VW Touareg opponents. The five-seater is fueled by a turbo-benzine, which delivers its 320 Nm torque to all four wheels via an all-wheel drive. With a trunk volume of 822 liters, the GAC Motor GS7 is also suitable for longer trips. In the interior there are leather seats, a ten-inch Navi-display and a way to charge your smartphone by induction.

Electric Chinese GE3
The GAC Motor GE3 is to become the first purely electric vehicle of the Chinese. The electric motor of the crossover has about 165 hp and puts 290 Nm on the wheels. In 9.3 seconds it goes from the stand to tempo 100. The battery is supposed to provide enough power for a range of 310 kilometers. In 30 minutes the battery should be charged to 80 percent.

EnSpirit for young people
Let’s take a look at the study “EnSpirit”, a mixture of SUV, crossover and compact car. The vehicle front was inspired by a roaring lion. With the concept vehicle, GAC Motor would like to focus particularly on young people. But what they should do with a bonsai tree in the back is not handed down.