Infiniti QX50 concept

New QX50 Concept represents an evolution of the 2016 QX Sport Inspiration, with an original yet practical new SUV form. Concept’s cabin challenges conventional thinking on interior car design with elevated levels of modern craftsmanship. INFINITI’s latest concept lights a path to the future integration of the brand’s autonomous drive support technologies, Demonstrates a potential application for INFINITI’s production-ready VC-Turbo variable compression ratio engine. INFINITI’s latest concept also previews the roll-out of its autonomous drive support technologies. Central to the strategy for the development of all future INFINITI autonomous drive support systems, they ensure the driver retains ultimate control over their vehicle – in keeping with INFINITI’s focus on driver engagement. Allowing drivers to retain control over their vehicle, INFINITI autonomous drive support systems will act as a ‘co-pilot’ for the driver, empowering rather than replacing human control.