Widebody kit for the Range Rover Evoque Cabrio

Who would have thought before April 2016 that the world needs a convertible version of the admittedly very successful Range Rover Evoque? So, we do not. Nevertheless: Extravagant SUV versions arrive. And if the higher-placed City-Cruiser as coupé is so well-received, why should not there be also open versions? To give all the madness yet the cherry on the icing on the cake, Tuner Hamann now offers a widebody kit for the Range Rover Evoque Cabrio. Crazy? Somehow.

Broad, wider, Hamann
Already the front apron of Hamann transforms the look of the convertible drastically. The optics become much more masculine and aggressive, but at the same time, the front is also somewhat longer, which does not exactly change the proportions. In detail, Hamann incorporates a split radiator grille, new air intakes and integrated daytime running lights. In order to give the madness a face, we can announce that the convertible thanks to the widebody kit on the front axle is growing by 70 millimeters and on the rear axle by 80 millimeters in width. The considerable expansion of the muscles, in particular, has a large portion of the fender extensions, which end in distinctive side skirts. At the rear there is a new apron with a large diffuser, which is a new exhaust system.

More Power? Only moderate
Who now thinks, such a brachial optics would also follow a proper portion of extra power, is wrong. The Laupheimer is only able to buy the top-petrol engine with a mere 20 HP more by means of a characteristic field optimization. Thus the engine instead 240 now 260 hp. The torque grows from 340 to 395 Nm. Hamann, however, tries to make up for a lack of performance with a different feature: in future, all Hamann tuning parts will be sent with a certificate of authenticity and a counterfeit-proof hologram in order to expose Far East replicas. Would be embarrassing to drive a car, which not only looks like questionable China tuning, but it is also. But, as is well known, there is a dispute about taste.