Mercedes-Benz ML (1997 – 2019)

The luxurious SUV of an upper middle class, built on the successful foundations of the G-Class, was supposed to be named the M-Class, according to Mercedes-Benz, but BMW did not allow it. Given the fact that they protected the letter M, the Bavarians rebelled, so the compromise was found in Mercedes-Benz and the car was named ML. The first generation of the W163 brand arrived on the market in 1997, and the development began in 1991, in conjunction with Mitsubishi, which was supposed to donate to the Pajera platform. But the cooperation was interrupted shortly after, in1992, so Mercedes-Benz ML was created inside the house.

A serious development continued only in 1993 and culminated in 1996 when the concept of AAVision was introduced. On the successful foundations of this concept, the first ML was created, and amazed the customers with a completely new but amazing cocktail of field abilities and limousine space. With the length of 459 cm, the width of 182 cm, the height of 182 cm and the wheelbase of 282 cm, there is an abundance of space, and an additional plus is a 633 liter trunk. It was also available with seven seats.

The success of the first generation concept is also proven by the title of the World Car in 1999 won in Geneva. At the same time, the ML 55 AMG version with a 5.4-liter V8 was also presented. It was the first luxurious SUV with the EPS system, and the persuasiveness when leaving the asphalt was guaranteed by the advanced 4MATIC wheel drive.

The 4Matic all-wheel drive with front, center and rear differential offers solid terrain properties

The initial difficulties with quality and various ‘pediatric diseases’ have been successfully eliminated with the 2001 redesign, one of which is a famous Papamobil. The second generation from 2005 has grown considerably. It is 15 cm longer, 7 cm wider and 0.5 cm shorter at the same time; which has brought even more spaciousness with an air resistance coefficient of 0.34 and it is a very good result for an SUV. As Mercedes-Benz GL had reached the market in the meantime, the second generation of MLs used the same platform and crossed the seven-seat performance, which was no longer needed.

The W164 brought the 7-speed automatic gearbox, while the manual transmission was retired. It offered an optional bi-xenon light and an air suspension. The drive is still on all wheels, and the improved 4-ETS (Four-Wheel Electronic Traction System) acted as the front and rear differential lock, while the central was mechanical. The Mercedes-AMG ML 63 arrived in 2006 and won the title of the most powerful atmospheric V8 engine built into an SUV in the world. With its 510 hp and 630 Nm of torque, it could reach a hundred in 4.8s. The 2008 revamped performance boosted the fuel consumption by an average of 10 percent, bringing a new look to the lights, a larger fridge grid and slightly modified bumpers. At the Salon in New York in 2009, a hybrid version marked as ML 450 Hybrid SUV, with a total power of 335 hp, was presented.

The Mercedes-Benz ML 63 AMG with 510 hp has offered super sport performances in an elegant SUV suit and is a kind of author, when it comes to luxury SUV’s of top performances.

The last, at the same time, the current, third Mercedes-Benz ML arrived in 2011, though its development started in 2006. He successfully implemented the design guidelines presented in the E-Class, offered significantly more leg-space in the back, and introduced standard systems of active safety such as adaptive cruise control and warning system in case of unintentional exit from the traffic lanes. The ML Series W166 is one of Daimler’s and Chrysler’s latest joint venture projects so, Dodge Durango and Jeep Grand Cherokee (WK2) are based on the same grounds.

With a massive redesign in 2015, Mercedes-Benz ML, or M-Class, has been renamed to GLE. According to the new nomenclature, it is known that this is a SUV based on the E-Class and is placed between GLC and GLS (formerly GLK and GL), in the same way that the E-class is placed between C-class and S-class. Of course, the most exciting is the new iteration of the 63 AMG performance which is now upgraded to 585 hp and 768 Nm, and is one of the fastest representatives of its class of vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz GLE has been renamed after the 2015 redesign and it represents the design and the technological best when it comes to the offer presented by Stuttgart manufacturers.