Hyundai Style Set Free Concept at Milan Design Week 2019

Once a simple means of transport to get from one place to another, the concept of a vehicle is rapidly changing by intertwining the boundaries between our lives and automobiles. At Milan Design Week, under the banner ‘STYLE SET FREE,’ Hyundai will highlight its innovative vision for how vehicles will become individual living spaces.

At Milan Design Week, Hyundai presents a personal, interactive multi-sensory exhibition of light, colour, form, sound and material. Hyundai offers a future-oriented customer experience vision that enables people to create their own life space inside their vehicles, thanks to upgradeable products and services. After all, we personalise our living spaces with various gadgets and technologies. Soon, we will personalise our vehicles too.

With STYLE SET FREE, Hyundai demonstrates the need to create the “perfect space.” The question of what form it will take is left to people to decide using their preference.

The centrepiece of the exhibition is the “Sculpture,” an artful interpretation of STYLE SET FREE. The constantly-changing, creative and gripping mapping installation illustrates three key interior elements of Hyundai’s new brand experience: Colour & Light, Material and Shape & Sound.

Each of these elements is brought to life by high-quality, digitally animated graphics in a twelve-minute visual display, as well as a series of interactive installations.