Day: November 2, 2019

Tushek TS 900 Hypercar

Powering the stunning TS 900 H APEX are 2 electric motors, (1 on each front wheel) and a 4.2 Litre rear mounted V-8 with added compressor, which combined, produce 950 hp and a massive 1,400 Nm torque. It might not be the most powerful hybrid hypercar on the road, but it is the lightest thanks […]

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Fastest two-wheeled side wheely

Finish stunt driver Vesa Kivimaki has successfully entered a Guinness Book of Records for fastest two-wheeled side wheely using his rally spec BMW 315i Coupe. We reached 186 km/h, which was for 5 km/h better result than the one from previous record owner Goran Eliason. Weakest link in this setup are usually tires, so he […]

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