Day: November 6, 2019

Ferrari Premium – an exclusive maintenance service

With the new Ferrari Premium programme, Ferrari is extending even further its class-leading after-sales services for clients. Ferrari Premium provides official maintenance services for the following models: 456 GT / GTA 612 Scaglietti (all versions) 456 M GT / GTA F430 (all versions) 550 Maranello 599 GTB Fiorano 550 Barchetta 599 SA Aperta 360 Modena […]

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In just a few years we could be saying goodbye to car mirrors

To be accident-free while driving, one should see danger coming even from a large distance. Doing this requires tools that minimize any blind spots you have, and almost since the beginning of the car industry car mirrors were used to accomplish this. Now things could be getting a little more complicated, at least in the […]

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AddArmor Cadillac Escalade is really badass vehicle

Founded by Special Operations and law-enforcement veterans, AddArmor specializes in turning work, family, and new vehicles of all kinds and prices into mobile safe-rooms. The pinnacle of AddArmor’s vehicle offerings is the Executive Protection Package, which completely customizes vehicle interior cabins with an endless array of luxury features and amenities while enjoying state-of-the-art security. The […]

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