Ferrari Premium – an exclusive maintenance service

With the new Ferrari Premium programme, Ferrari is extending even further its class-leading after-sales services for clients. Ferrari Premium provides official maintenance services for the following models:

456 GT / GTA 612 Scaglietti (all versions)
456 M GT / GTA F430 (all versions)
550 Maranello 599 GTB Fiorano
550 Barchetta 599 SA Aperta
360 Modena (all versions) 599 GTO
575 Maranello Ferrari Enzo
575 Superamerica

The new scheme provides eligible cars with a Certificate testifying that all scheduled and preventative maintenance has been carried out on their car correctly, and that all recall and service campaigns for their car have been implemented. To ensure cars are maintained to the correct standards, thus preserving their performance and safety, the Ferrari Premium programme includes the substitution of parts subject to wear over time. The schedule includes a dedicated package of components at special prices, including the fuel,  lubrication, hydraulic power steering and brake systems.

Clients with eligible cars that receive the Ferrari Premium Certificate will, on the 20th anniversary of the first registration of the car, also have privileged access to Ferrari Classiche certification, the programme that testifies to the authenticity of those models that are now considered modern-day classics.

Ferrari Premium is the latest programme that complements Ferrari’s exclusive after-sales services which are the most comprehensive and flexible of their kind. Every new Ferrari comes with a standard four-year warranty (UK only, three-year ROW) and seven years of free maintenance. The full factory warranty can be extended for a further 24 months and, for vehicles aged from six to 15, owners can stipulate the New Power warranties which provide cover on main mechanical components. Owners who benefitted from the seven-year Genuine Maintenance programme can now extend the cover with Main Power, which also includes the New Power warranty, up to the car’s 15th year from first registration.