In just a few years we could be saying goodbye to car mirrors

To be accident-free while driving, one should see danger coming even from a large distance. Doing this requires tools that minimize any blind spots you have, and almost since the beginning of the car industry car mirrors were used to accomplish this.

Now things could be getting a little more complicated, at least in the short term. This is because some drivers might have a hard time looking at the center screen instead of where the mirrors once were, it’s true that old habits die hard.

Regardless of that, In the recent future car mirrors will start to disappear from New vehicles, and along with them even the center mirror could see its end soon. In their place, cameras will be installed, and Japan has become the first country to allow Automakers to sell cameras instead of mirrors. With this change, cars will be more aerodynamic and won’t require drivers to adjust their mirrors anymore.


In some countries the change has already been taking place, as States require new cars to feature backup cameras along with the traditional rear-view car mirrors. As of recently, Honda and other car makers have been preparing consumers by installing cameras into the already existing Mirror housing units in order to get drivers accustomed to looking at the center screen instead of the rear-view mirror.

Other popular makers that have already put some kind of this technology in their new concepts are BMW and McLaren, as well as a less popular Japanese brand. The Japanese car maker has already unveiled their internal mirror, which at a press of a button turns the traditional Mirror into a digital screen. BMW has already unveiled a version of the hybrid sports car i8 that has no mirrors, and the same can be said for McLaren with their 675 LT concept.