These five driving faults destroy the manual transmission

It is well known that attendees in driving schools gain too little knowledge about the mechanics of the car as well as the wrong driving style that damages the car. Driving by regulations is not all that is needed to keep the car in good condition. That is why older and more experienced drivers often point out the mistakes which don’t affect the safety, but greatly reduce the durability of mechanical components of the car to young drivers.

The vast majority of them are burdened with improper handling by a manual transmission. Unlike the automatic, manual transmission offers better control over the vehicle, but at the same time requires greater attention when used. Every experienced mechanic knows that the depletion of the clutch can be increased several times by impunity.

These five basic mistakes are often repeated by less experienced drivers, each of which significantly increases the depletion of all parts of the manual transmission:

1. Resting your right hand on the gear lever
2. Holding the clutch pedal during a longer pause
3. Holding the car uphill with the clutch instead of the hand brake
4. High acceleration in high gear
5. Resting the left foot on the clutch pedal instead of the foot rest