B&B Automobiltechnik VW Golf VII GTI Clubsport

The latest release from tuning specialist B&B Automobiltechnik is a four-stage upgrade programme for the VW Golf VII GTI Clubsport and its even more hardcore ‘S’ version. The pinnacle of these B&B upgrades sees power and torque of the GTI Clubsport / S increased from 265 hp / 350 Nm, or 310 hp / 380 Nm in the case of the S variant, to a rousing 480 hp and 620 Nm (12,950 euro). This huge output bump reduces the 0-100 km/h sprint from 6.3 sec to a mere 4.5 sec, while the 0-200 km/h time is nearly chopped in half, dropping from 22.5 to just 12.8 sec. Top speed goes up from 250 km/h to over 285 km/h.

These dramatic performance hikes of B&B Automobiltechnik VW Golf VII GTI Clubsport are achieved through the use of a special turbocharger. More intake ram air is ingested by a modified intake system, while a larger and more efficient charge air cooler allows the system to run with higher boost pressure. The extra fuelling is taken care of by a higher capacity fuel pump feeding uprated injectors.

On the exhaust side, a race exhaust system of B&B Automobiltechnik VW Golf VII GTI Clubsport with sports catalytic converter reduces backpressure, and is responsible for the more purposeful exhaust note. The B&B supplementary oil cooler system (1,298 euro) reduces the oil temperature by up to 25 degrees C, and is recommended for all the enhanced power stages of the 2.0-litre turbocharged motor.

Smaller power kits with 360 hp / 265 kW / 460 Nm (1,298 euro), 385 hp / 283 kW / 480Nm (3,950 euro) and 430 hp / 316 kW / 550 Nm (7,950 euro) make up the first three stages of the B&B tuning programme. The Vmax de-limit software is included in every stage, while cars equipped with the DSG gearbox receive bespoke software as well.

To further reduce exhaust backpressure and exhaust gas temperatures, B&B offers a special downpipe with sports catalytic converter (from 1.398 euro), which releases an extra 15 hp / 11 kW. The soundtrack and looks are further improved by B&B’s cat-back sports exhaust system (from 1.398 euro).

The ultimate power trip comes from the B&B racing exhaust system with metal catalyst (from 2,795 euro), which delivers an extra 20 hp / 15 kW while reducing  the thermal load on the engine and turbocharger.

For customers who feel the four-cylinder soundtrack is too weak can avail themselves of B&B’s bespoke sound generator (from 998 euro). This changes the soundtrack of the B&B Automobiltechnik VW Golf VII GTI Clubsport in steps all the way up to a V8 roar and is operated by a remote control unit.

To optimise the driving characteristics and the look of the B&B Automobiltechnik VW Golf VII GTI Clubsport, B&B offer a sports spring kit (298 euro) that lowers the cars ride height by around 30 mm. More press-on drivers will appreciate the B&B/KW V3 coilover suspension kit (1,798 euro). Adjustable for ride height as well as bounce and rebound control, this suspension kit takes chassis performance to the next level.

B&B’s high-performance brake system (from 3,495 euro), significantly improves retardation during sporty driving or emergency situations. Using 342 mm front brake discs, the system can be used with the original 18-inch wheels. The optional larger brake system with 370 mm front discs requires at least 19-inch wheels.

For improved looks and grip on the tarmac, the B&B B10 light alloy wheel design is available in up to 8.5×20-inch dimensions, shod with 235/30R20 tyres (from 3,298 euro per set). Other wheels are available also in more modest 18 and 19-inch sizes (from 1,950 euro).